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Advent at Home: Week Three

Third Week in Advent


Questions and Thoughts for Lighting the Advent Candle:

Day One:

Have you had the chance to be around a little baby lately? The joy that we feel around babies is part of what this Advent waiting is all about – we are waiting for the birth of a baby!

Why do you think God chose to come to us as a little baby?

Day Two:

Joy is different from happiness. Even when life has many challenges, God is able to fill us with joy through prayer. Here is a prayer you could try today: O God, show me where there are good and beautiful gifts from you today so that I can give you thanks. Please help me notice and receive the Joy you are waiting to give me and the people around me.

Day Three:

Joy usually flows when we remember that God made us, God loves us, and then make decisions that show that trust. When is the last time you let your trust in God shape your decisions? Tell the story to people around you now and see if you gained a sense of strength and joy in that experience.

Day Four:

Jesus’ joy came through his beautiful relationship with God whom his called his “heavenly Father.” He wants us to have that same joy in that kind of a relationship with God. That is why he has given us his own Spirit. When we know we are God’s and that we are loved by God, that is the Spirit of Jesus in us sharing their joy with us.

Day Five:

Normally we say “I need to get ready for Christmas!” And, it feels like a lot of work. Try asking this question instead: How has God has helped us get ready for having Jesus in our lives? How has that given us God’s joy and strength?

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