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Advent at Home: Week Two

Week Two of Advent


Questions or thoughts to Share and consider when lighting the Advent Candle

Day One:

Jesus is called “the Prince of Peace.” That means that Jesus made peace for us when things are going well, and also when we do something wrong. By allowing Jesus’ Holy Spirit into our lives, we gain the power to work for peace with the people in our lives.

Day Two:

Peace is not possible without two other things: justice and forgiveness. Justice means that things are fair for people no matter how much money or education they have, and that when someone does something harmful they are held accountable. Forgiveness means that, when someone does something that harms you, you can bring peace back into your life by forgiving them. But when you do that God’s way, you first take steps to be as safe as possible.

In your family, with friends, at work or at school, are there areas that need justice, fairness or forgiveness? In Jesus, God has given us gifts that help us with these things!

Day Three:

What does it mean to you that God cares so deeply about justice, fairness and forgiveness that God came to earth to give us those things in the Prince of Peace?

Day Four:

If there is any place in your life where peace is not available because you don’t have justice, fairness or forgiveness? Ask God in prayer for peace through Jesus. If you need to ask someone who is stronger than you to help, then ask God to show you who that person will be.

Day Five:

As we have seen this week, peace is not just a feeling. But, it is also something we feel very deeply. Look back over your life and see where God has given justice, fairness and forgiveness. When you have those things, then you may from time to time feel peace as an emotion. When you do, stop and thank God for all of the things that make for peace.

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