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Sunday Supper

What is Sunday Suppers?

Sunday Suppers was founded in September 2012 with the purpose of providing home-cooked, nutritious Sunday meals to those financially or medically in need in the Verona and local community area.   As the economy has changed, the number of people in need in our local community has increased.  Unfortunately, what most people sacrifice in their budget is quality food.  Additionally, Meals-On-Wheels does not deliver Thursday through Sunday and not all people in need qualify for Meals-On-Wheels.  This program helps close the gap for many in need for at least one weekend a month.  Many of our recipients have told us that if it weren’t for this meal, they most likely would not have eaten anything substantial since Wednesday evening.  Sunday Suppers has received many thank- you notes from recipients and their families commenting on the delicious food and friendly delivery. 


Who Are the Recipients?

Sunday Suppers recipients are identified in two ways:  by Social Services and through members of the church.    Recipients complete paperwork identifying their food needs and medical requirements.  This is a confidential listing of individuals and families. 


What Types of Meals Are Served?

Nutritional meals are planned around the medical food restrictions of the recipients.  All meals are balanced from all food groups with minimal butter, salt and sugar.  Fresh, in-season vegetables are always utilized.  Meals are prepped on Saturday, finished and packaged on Sunday, and then delivered to our recipients.  The average cost per meal is $3.00 to $4.00 including all containers/packaging.  We serve on average 26-35 households monthly. 


Our Most Important Asset – Our Volunteers!

We are blessed to have volunteers from across the community join us the first weekend of every month.  This program would not survive without our volunteers and generous donors.  We have many teens and adults who have volunteered for years.  Our financial donors are also critical as Sunday Suppers is self-funded.  Many of our volunteers also contribute precious monies to keep our program running.  Thank you to our 8 to 10 ongoing volunteers this year, and to our donors!  You have been a BIG help!

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