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Advent at Home: Week One

Celebrate and prepare for Christmas

Around an Advent Wreath at Home

Using a plate as a base, place four smaller candles on four corners and one larger candle in the center of the plate. Find matches or a lighter and leave it near the Candles.

Decide what time of day you will light the Advent Candles and watch to the video. Or, use the Questions below.

Hope: Jesus came to us as a baby and told us that, in him, God was giving us the Kingdom of God. We see how the Kingdom of God happened in Jesus’ life when he was with us as a human being, and we see things that happen now that God is doing. These things give us HOPE.

Week One: Hope

Day One:

Do you know of any other kingdoms besides the kingdom of God? Do you know of any kings besides God?

Do you know any stories from Jesus’ life when he showed us what the kingdom of God is like?

Day Two:

If God was the king in all the best ways we could imagine, what would be different?

How would we be different today?

Day Three:

When Jesus was born as a baby, his parents believed what God and that gave them hope.

What do you know about Jesus as a baby that gives you hope?

Day Four:

Jesus was a little boy and his earthly Father was a carpenter. That means he knows what it is like to have to learn from adults and to make a living as an adult. How does it feel to know that God has also felt those things when he came to earth as a baby and grew up to become a man?

Day Five:

If someone is a king, how do they have a relationship with you?

If God is a king, is that the same as if a regular person is a king?

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