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Where is God in All This?

We need to be able to communicate about difficult topics in order to accomplish difficult things together. I am thankful that, even as our culture seems to become less and less able to do that, our Session strives to model a level of communication that is based on emotional and spiritual maturity. And we do keep trying...

In order to continue to grow in our capacity to communicate, trust and thus work together in our current national climate, we agreed together to reground ourselves. While we all have a long way to go, we agreed that the following is a good start:

As individuals and as a body, we have experienced God as kind, available and compassionate...

We have sensed God listening to us both in times of celebration and of need

In our bones we know that God is always more ready to forgive than we are to be forgiven.

We have received the comfort of God

and we know that

God is creative

doing new things

through us

Through our agency - together!

Therefore we commit ourselves again to the practices that keep us open to God's presence and action:

Centering Prayer

Prayer Walks





Care Giving

Doing what is right in front of us

Talking to God

Keeping an open and receptive mind

Watching news from sources that tend to favor views other than our own.

Will you join us?

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